Travel diary - Europareise 2019

Reiseberichte - Travel diaries

20. Juni .. back in Hamburg

19. Juni .. Amsterdam .. Tonight it's back to Hamburg

After two weeks of  sweet sweet real good fun the Eurotour is unfortunately coming to an end. And while we hate to leave we’re all excited to be reacquainted with the concept of a good nights sleep.
  So how was Amsterdamn? Well...great! Our day went on as follows: After a decent hotel breakfast we walked through the city on a guided tour. We learned sum interesting facts and discovered some cool places. After the tour we were allowed to do what we pleased until 7:40. People mostly did last minute shopping for souvenirs whilst exploring the city. We then met for dinner.
  For all the food fans out there we think it important you know that dinner consisted of pizza, pasta and salads.
  After the farewell we arrived by bus round 6:00 am in Hamburg.
  we’re all looking forward to the district conference and meeting yet again!

Vielen Vielen Dank Rotary.

18. Juni .. London > Amsterdam

Today we got up at 6.30 am and at 7.45 am we said goodbye to London.
  We returned to the mainland through the Eurotunnel, and stayed for three and a half hours until we arrived in Belgium. There, we had a short lunch break, and then a few hours drive to Amsterdam.
  Finally, we had dinner and made a one-hour boat trip through the heights of the city.  Then we had free time until 02:30, where we split into small groups to explore the nightlife of the city.

17. Juni .. London

LONDON! We spent a day in London. After filling out stomachs completely with baked beans, we went as a group into the city to see... the London Dungeon! Inside was a history of London serial killers, torture procedures, terrorist attacks, and all sorts of other horror themed instances. But we weren’t scared at all. Not even a little. Not even when we screamed.

The rest of the day was taken up by freetime. Some exchange students went to go visit some of the football stadiums here in London, others went to very good British restaurants, and some went shopping. For the good good clothes. The day was ended by all of us spending a little time in a British pub before going back to the Hostel to prepare for the journey ahead.

16. Juni .. London

Another day in this wonderful city, London. In the morning, we had breakfast and we went together to tour the capital by bus. We had a kind guide who told us a bit about the London culture, there are so many things do! Then we went up to the London Eye and observed the wonderful view of the Thames and the horizon.  After we had free time, which we used to the fullest, we met for dinner and ate the traditional fish & chips. Then we had free time again. All of us are excited for what awaits us tomorrow!

15. Juni .. Paris > London

Today we said goodbye to Paris!
 At 8 in the morning we left for London. We stayed in the Bus all morning, and we went through the Eurotunel, which connects France and Britain underground!!  It was a new experience for everyone! We arrived at the hotel at around 4:00 pm and from there, had free time until 7:00 pm. In our free time, some of us went out to tour the city and others stayed in the hotel. Then we went to eat, and, to finish our night, went to Tower Bridge all together. We found it beautiful !! After that we had more free time and then we went to sleep... punctually at 2:00.
We are very happy to be in London!

14. Juni .. Paris

Today the exchange students had the whole day to ourselves in Paris. Some went sight seeing, Many took an ungodly amount of photos and everyone went shopping for yet another cheap keychain to "gift" their poor parents.  And naturally some people decided they might as well go to Disney Land in Paris.

But after such a long day of sightseeing I'm sure everyone will be going to bed early. If by early you mean 2:00 in the morning.

So all in all just
another great day on the eurotour. And tomorrow we'll be even more lucky to experience  an all day bus ride. However we can't complain too much since we're going to god damm London! I must say we're all awfully excited to try out our offensively terrible British accents.

So Goodbye to Paris, and hello Latin dance music.

13. Juni .. Paris

Today, we got up at 6:30 a.m. to have breakfast at 7:00 a.m., and to leave at approximately 7:30 a.m. to travel around the city of Paris. The first destination was Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Our Lady, dedicated to the  Virgin Mary. It is one of the most popular monuments in Paris. The second destination was the "Arc de Triomphe" another very famous monument in the city of Paris. Afterwards we had the opportunity to meet outside the President's Palace and to finish the tour we visited the Palace of Versailles. The Palace houses many paintings and sculptures depicting French history .. it was grandiose and exquisite! At the end of our activities, we had free time of about 4 hours.
Then, at 19, we had dinner. After dinner we continued walking together to the “Sacre-Coeur”.

12. Juni .. > Paris

Today was another travel day: all the way from Clermont-ferrand to Paris! When we arrived, we had free time until it was time to go to the restaurant. After getting personally aquamarines with the Paris Metro system, we had dinner at Restaurant Rivoli Buffeter. Then we went to the eiffel tower, continued up to the second floor and saw just how beautiful Paris is at night. We even saw a show of the tower lights! After a short rendezvous, we returned to the hotel together by metro. We were also joined by Evelyn from Mexico.
Looking forward to another day on this amazing tour.

11. Juni .. > Paris ( bis Clermont-Ferrand )

Today was really relaxed, we woke up early and had a long trip from Barcelona to Clermont-Ferrand. After the arrival we unpacked our things quickly and went to eat a Pizza and a salad. It was really good, like the italians

10. Juni .. Barcelona

Today we had free time, so a lot of people did a lot of different things. We did a lot of different things as well. Like tourism stuff, you know that sweet sweet tourism. Like walking around all god damn day to find your bestest friend a Spanish god damn gutair only to find that after visiting 7 or so instrument shops they are all indeed closed. And then you find out today was a holiday. But like also like that one gothic church is cool as heck. Barecelona!

Then we reconvened for dinner. Rotary checked up on us and besides my Spanish gutair Trauma everyone had a great day exploring the city!

09. Juni .. Barcelona

We started off our day not only just on time. Nine o clock. We took a tour of Barcelona. It was great! We saw that thing that you see on all postcards. You know the one church that’s been under construction for like centuries now. Sagrada Familia. After the tour, we all had free time to see the Barcelona. Barcelona. The city of squares. From what I observed, every block was a square.

It was Mazvita, from Zimbabwe,‘s birthsday. Rotary, the organization we are currently apart of, organized a song, a birthday cake, and a t shirt for our girl Mazy Vee. We love Mazy, and to prove it we have organized an interview.

How did you like Barcelona?
„ Barcelona was Pretty cool. It was a beautiful city, and their was plenty of good food. I liked the weather. Not too hot and not too cold.“

What did you do in Barcelona?

„ I had many good eats. That food from Terra Blava is to die for.“

How do you personally feel about the Catalinan independence movement currently taking place in Spain? Some Catalonians argue that due to their independent culture and language, they deserve an independent State. My dear friend do you believe this to be the case? If so why not?

„uh what?“

After dinner we headed to the beach for a wholesome party. It was a pleasant end to a nice day.

08. Juni .. Cote d'Azur > Barcelona

Today we got up very early, at 5:30 in the Hyères hotel, we had breakfast and prepared the suitcases and at 7 we left or Barcelona (Spain).
 During the morning we spent the whole way sleeping and at 11 we made a quick stop in France for lunch.
 Then we went for another four hours until we arrived in Barcelona !!!
 We arrived at the hotel, we unpacked, and then had free time. Some of us went to the beach and others went into the city.
 Then we had dinner at 7:30 p.m., and afterwards we got ready and prepared to go out to a club.
 It was a long day in Bus, but we are happy to have arrived in Spain and to have the opportunity to get to know a new country!

07. Juni .. Monaco - St. Tropez - Hyeres

Today we got up early in Savona.  After breakfast, we got away with a little delay, because two people slept in. We will not name names because we have journalistic integrity.

 After that we went to Monaco.  The journey was relatively short, but we still slept. Once in Monaco, we visited the city and especially enjoyed the great weather, the casino, and the expensive cars. Some people even won money at the casino. Then we went to St. Tropez.  There were many yachts that we looked at, many people also ate something or just enjoyed the good weather.

We asked Casio, the resident Brazilian expert, who speaks Portuguese and not Spanish, about his opinions on the day.

How would describe Monaco?
“I like rich people and boats. It was different. Yes. Really pretty.”

How did you like Tropez?
“Can I say negative things? Beach was okay, but the water was good. expensive.”

What is your opinion on the Yellow Vest riots in Paris in response to President Macroon’s new green energy policies? Do you think that raising oil prices is an appropriate response to the global warming crisis, even if it harms the well being of the working class people in rural France? And finally do you believe the police have responded to this crisis appropriately?

How did you like the Bus rides?
“It was okay” he said smiling.

 By bus we went to Hyres, where we spent the night. After dinner, we ended the evening relaxed in the old town of Hyres.  Tomorrow we will go to Barcelona. We are already excited and looking forward to what's to come.

06. Juni .. Rom via Pisa > Savona

We left Rome at 7:45. We drove for 3 hours in complete utter silence. The lack of Latin dance music left the exchange students thinking about life. After two hours we stopped to use the restroom, buy food, and play volleyball. When we got back on the bus, Brazilian Jesus had returned and brought his signature Latin dance music. Seba once again felt comfortable. Then we took a lot of photos in Pisa. After another bus ride, this time with no music pauses, we arrived in Savona. We had beach fun times and dinner fun times. We like Italy a lot. Like a lot. A lot a lot.

05. Juni .. Rom (Papst Audienz + Vatikanisches Museum)

Today is the last day in Rome.  After a rather short night, we drove to the Vatican early in the morning (6:30 am) to see the Pope.  We had great places at the front and a great view of the Pope.  We were even mentioned, which naturally led to loud cheers.

 The audience was great and the Pope preached until 10:30.  It was very hot but everyone had their flags with them to protect the neck from the sun - a great experience!
 Then there was free time and we had lunch.  Many also went to the oldest ice cream shop in Rome - definitely worth a visit.

 After free time, we went to the Vatican Museum - which is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the largest museum in the world.  It's gigantic. and really noice.  Very nice. It was hard to decide what to see. One thing is for sure: the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica are definitely compulsory.  Everyone decided for themselves how long they spent in the museum.  Many went to the hotel after the museum visit and rested a bit before going to dinner.

 Tomorrow we look forward to Pisa and the long bus ride.

04. Juni .. Rom ( sightseeing + Kolosseum )

Yesterday we arrived in Rome, and visited the Colosseum after dinner. It looked sick AF illuminated by the low light in the night.

Today we started early. First to the Spanisch Treppe, and took a Group Photo. Then, continuing the trend of really hot weather in Italy, at 9:00am it shot up to 22 degrees Celsius. Then we walked to Fontona du Trevi and, of course, took more photos.  At the fountain, in accordance with long held Italian tradition, Some people threw money with their right hand over their left shoulder into the fountain.

Thereafter we went to a momument to humanity, built with ITALIAN POWER. We also saw a lot more old momuments. From there we went back to the Colosseum, but this time we went inside. It was big, like really really really big, a really cool experience to be in the presence of a building that awe inspiring. Then some people tried to buy stuff or Barter stuff.

Then we went to the P a n t h e o n, featuring a circular hole in the ceiling, letting in a spot of divine beam of light into  the mostly dark room. We bathed in the light of god. Then we went to Piazza do Navona, the exact center of Rome! Then we were realeswd into the wild streets of this ancient city under the task of “free time”. A lot of people found some pretty good pizza and ice cream. It was a pretty good time.

03. Juni .. Venedig via Siena > Rom

Welcome back to the Tagesbericht, „You‘re Daily Report“ tm ©. Today we stopped in Sienna on our way to Rome. The city was beautiful! But most our time was taken up by an also beautiful bus ride through the Italian countryside. When we arrived in Rome, we headed to the Roman Colosseum, and had some free time afterward.

02. Juni .. Venedig

At 9:00 we took a boat land to a small island, you might have heard of it, VENICE!!! The city was so beautiful, but after the long dark cold German winter, we found it a little hot. Fernando and Sebastian gave us a little information about the city. It was very informative. We ate pasta. It was really good! Like damn kid. That shit slaps. Garett from New York, but not New York City, USA said the boat ride was, „undoubtably magnificent. I could not have spent a better day in the city, in the river with my friends.“ At 17:00 we were on the way to the Hotel. Where we had dinner and some free time to go to the beach . It was an amazing day, a lot seen and also a little exhausting.

01. Juni ... Hamburg - Venedig

Finally, our trip has begun ! We, the exchange students of district 1890, met in the Hamburg Airport at 9:00am german time, and then took the plane to Venice. After our plane arrived, we drove Cavallino-Treporti. On the way Michael explained the rules of the trip. Once there, got our hotel rooms, unpacked and had some lovely free time at the beach! Then we washed up, went to a nice little restaurant, and spilled the tea about Venice and our plans for tomorrow. We are excited for tomorrow! Venice babey!!!

Reisebericht No. 1

Kick-off Meeting in Mözen


In Mözen, anfang Januar 2019, hatten die Rotary-Austauschschüler aus der Distrikt 1890 das erste Treffen über die Europareise. Nach dem Einzug in ihre Räume, und bei einer Tasse Kaffee und einem Stück Kuchen, sich die Austauschschüler und die Begleitpersonen der  wurden allgemeine Regeln und Erwartungen der Eurotour diskutiert. Jeder der Austauschschüler erhielt eine Nummer und wurde dann in Arbeitsgruppen aufgeteilt, um Informationen über die Reise zu sammeln und aufzuzeichnen. Dazu gehören unter anderem Team Filmemacher, Nachtleben, allgemeine Organisation und mehrere Teams, die mit der Erforschung einer bestimmten Stadt beauftragt wurden. Auf typische Austauschschüler mode gab es auch eine Party.


Early January 2019 the Rotary exchange students from District 1890 had the first meeting about the Eurotour in Mözen. After moving in to their rooms and settling in with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, the exchange students and the chaperones of the eurotour met, and general rules and expectations of the eurotour were discussed. Each of the exchange students were given a number and then separated into work groups to collect and or record information about the trip. These included but are not limited to a of team filmmakers, night-life folks, general organization, and several teams that were tasked with researching a specific city. And, In typical exchange student fashion, there was also a party.


No início de janeiro de 2019, em Mözen, os intercambistas do Distrito 1890 tiveram a primeira reunião sobre o Eurotour. Depois de se mudarem para seus quartos e se acomodar com uma xícara de café e um pedaço de bolo, os intercambistas e os acompanhantes do eurotour se reuniram, e discutiram sobre as regras gerais e expectativas do eurotour. Cada um dos intercambistas recebeu um número e depois se separou em grupos para coletar e / ou registrar informações sobre a viagem. Estes incluíram mas não estão limitados a uma equipe de gravação, pessoas da vida noturna, organização geral e várias equipes que foram encarregadas de pesquisar uma cidade específica. Na típica moda estudantil de intercâmbio, também houve uma festa.


A principios de enero de 2019, los intercambistas rotarios del Distrito 1890 tuvieron en Mözen la primera reunión sobre el Eurotour. Después de mudarse a sus habitaciones y acomodarse con una taza de café y un pedazo de pastel, se reunieron los intercambistas y los chaperones del eurotour y se discutieron las reglas generales y las expectativas del eurotour. A cada uno de los jóvenes se les dió un número y luego se dividieron en grupos, para recopilar o registrar información sobre el viaje. Estos incluyen, pero no se limitan, a un grupo de cineastas, gente de la vida nocturna, organización general y varios equipos encargados de investigar una ciudad específica. Como es típico, hubo después de la reunión una gran fiesta.




13. Juni .. Paris

11. Juni .. > ( bis Clermont-Ferrand )

03. Juni .. Venedig via Siena > Rom

Video Mözen Workshop
Januar 2019